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Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy 

Therapy is an opportunity to identify the habitual patterns of thought that influence our emotions, behaviors, and impact our social relationships.  Everyone is capable of self-reflection, and cultivating self-compassion and inner peace.  I strive to offer a space where you feel comfortable expressing yourself, and supported in achieving your treatment goals.  We can explore a variety of therapeutic techniques to empower you to make meaningful changes, improve self-concept, and your relationship to yourself and others.

Yoga Consult and Group Work

As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I am incredibly passionate about the practice and its ability to ​calm the body and mind. Together, we can explore the philosophy of yoga and determine ways to incorporate it into your daily life.  We may also explore the physical practice of yoga, identifying postures and breathing techniques suitable to your unique needs and treatment goals.  I offer yoga and meditation therapies in both the individual and group setting.     

Education Aligned Counseling 

I have extensive experience working in school-based settings and acknowledge that young people do not always receive the individualized attention they require within the traditional school day.  I provide individual counseling supports to help improve self-esteem, develop coping skills, and strengthen social-emotional skills overall.  

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